How Esther Helps

We want to reassure you that we are taking every precaution to ensure the safety of our customers by following Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidelines provided by the CDC, PHAC and WHO. Esther will always wear a mask while inside your home.


If you are feeling overwhelmed,
we will help you be more at ease in your space.

If you can’t find your stuff,
we will craft a system together that will make it simple.

If you can’t work the way you want to,
we will develop a system that allows for you to be as organized and productive as you want to be.

If you are moving,
we will help you make your house presentable for sale; we will help you save money on moving costs; we will help you unpack in your new space and set up new systems to get you off on the right foot.

If you need more space where you are,
we will work together to reclaim the square footage you have been losing to clutter.

We can save you time,
by creating a system that will make your processes easier and eliminate the time wasted by looking for the things you own, and we will save you money, by making it easier to find the things you own so you don’t have to repurchase them.

Creative Solutions

We work with you to create systems that are tailored to your needs, learning style, and preferences. We are not judgmental, it is safe to show us your stuff and tell us what you need and want.

We use our skills and knowledge to guide us through the process together. We look, listen and ask questions to help figure out what might work best in your space for your things.

How We Work

The main ways we help people are hands-on at an hourly rate, hands-on by package, or consulting via a video call.

What you need is largely up to you. If you make quick decisions, there are few interruptions, and you work on your own between sessions your project can be done as fast as you want it to be.


Your confidentiality is safe with us. We are not judgmental and we will never discuss clients with a third party unless agreed. We adhere to the NAPO Code of Ethics and the ICD Code of Ethics.


Downsizing can be a really tough process for many people. Our homes hold such strong family memories, the rooms filled with possessions collected over many years.

​While you might be moving to a smaller home out of choice, it may also be a matter of necessity. This may be due to a change in relationship, bereavement, finances, health or the house simply being too big once children leave home.

​Often the prospect of sorting through and decluttering accumulated possessions is incredibly daunting too and can put people off taking the first steps to downsize. Our mission is to make the process less daunting, less stressful and hopefully more enjoyable.

We generally suggest that we make the process more approachable by starting with items that are less sentimental and therefore easier to make decisions about, be it clothing, kitchen cupboards or the contents of your utility room.

Our promise to you is that our sessions will never be pressurized, nor will we dictate what you should and shouldn’t keep. Our purpose is to help you make the best decisions in a totally non-judgmental, friendly way.


Moving home can be a particularly stressful process for most people and inevitably it always takes more time and effort than you think! The best piece of advice that we can give to you is to start well in advance of your moving date.
Whether you’re downsizing or just want to leave the clutter behind, we can help you let go of items you won’t need in your new home. And to ensure you settle in quickly, we’ll unpack and organize your belongings for you too.


It’s the perfect opportunity to really assess and declutter your possessions and, in doing so, surround yourself only with the items that you really love and value. We can help you make these all important decisions, saving you money by ensuring that you aren’t paying to move things that you no longer like or need.

We can help you pack up items in a methodical way that makes the unpacking process in your new home straightforward and hassle-free.


It’s so easy to just unpack the essentials when you move, leaving the rest for “another day”. We can help you unpack and organize quickly and efficiently in your new home, making the whole process more streamlined and less disruptive for you and your family.


It’s easy to let paperwork mount up and ignore necessary life admin. We can help you sort through the piles and prioritize your to-do list, implementing a long-term filing system that works.


This is the service for you if you’ve started the decluttering and organizing process but you’ve lost momentum. We’ll guide you via regular video calls, giving you the accountability and advice you need to complete your project.

Residential Organizing and Productivity Categories

  • General Home Organizing
  • Household Management
  • Move Management
  • Packing for / Unpacking from a move
  • Downsizing
  • Home Staging
  • Estate Management
  • Estate Sales
  • Seniors
  • Children / Students
  • People with Disabilities
  • Clutter Control
  • Hoarding Behavior
  • Chronic Disorganization
  • Photography / memorabilia / collections
  • Space Planning and Design
  • Home Inventories
  • Closets / Closet Design
  • Garage / Attic / Basement
  • Garage Sales
  • Storage Units
  • Kitchens
  • Home Offices
  • Paper Management
  • Financial Management / Bookkeeping / Bill Paying
  • Virtual Organizing and Productivity
  • Digital Organizing, Online Sales
  • Task and Time Management
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